Week 5


Canadian Maple Sirup Experience

For an authentic Canadian experience, we introduced the Canet family to maple syrup on snow!

  1. We boiled the maple until it was liquified;
  2. We crushed some ice until it turned into snow;
  3. We put the snow on a plate;
  4. We poured the maple syrup on the snow;
  5. Rolled a butter knife (not sharp) on the maple syrup that was hardened by the cold snow;
  6. And Voilà!A Canadian experience 🙂 IMG_0583




3 thoughts on “Week 5

  1. Natacha, Gabriel, Audrey et Lucas says:

    Love the pics, we love you both and miss you!! Have fun with the rest of your working holiday. Hope they liked the taste of maple syrup! xxx

  2. Mam, Dad & little sister says:

    the maple syrup was an awsome idea! 🙂 You’ll have great memories, have fun on the rest of the trip ! miss yous xoxoxo

  3. Kim says:

    Aww…cute…what a good ideas for the maple syrup 🙂

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