Week 2

The Canet family

We cannot tell you how thankful we are to have stayed with this amazing family. Carmen is a great mother, and she is surrounded by a beautiful group of family and friends. We were welcomed with opened arm everywhere we went.

Carmen called this huge house, her Chalet. It is nested in the hills just 5-10 minutes from the town of Alginet. Thank god for the pool, because it was very hot all summer. It reached about 30 degree celsius around 10 o’clock every morning. We were in our bathing suits everyday. Alex’s grandparents lived with us. Taking great care of us, just as if we were part of the family. She cooked all the meals and he brought home the food freshly picked. We especially loved the bread. We are not very big people, so grandma was on a mission to get us fattened up. I am not kidding, we had to finish what was on the table!


Valencia is a very traditional place, and they have lots of food and festivities that are different than Canadians. For example, these are the typical meals we ate :

  • Appetizer: Pickled Lupin beans, plain kettle cooked chips, smoked ham (jamon), cheese, tomatoes in olive oil with salt, pickled green peppers, olives.         foto_como-cortar-el-jamon-1-1_part2 (jamon)Lupini-beans-021(lupin beans)
  • Meal: Rice soup, quiche, rice & garbanzo beans, bocadillos, paella, etc.

1197-4-arroz-garbanzos-xl-668x400x80xX(rice & garbanzo beans) 32775_l (quiche)Paella+with+Saffron(paella)

They have the best olive oil we’ve ever tasted. We couldn’t find anything in Canada close to what it tasted. It was delicious with freshly picked tomatoes and home made bread.









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Cullera Beach

The Canet family has an apartment on Cullera beach. We went to visit for a weekend, but we were planning to stay for a whole week.  I will talk about this place on another page.



6 thoughts on “Week 2

  1. donald says:

    very nice guys just keep going……………just do it………..

  2. matante rose&louis says:

    thanks for the nice palm trees. you lock good in them trees your self. good job take care stay safe.xoxox

  3. Keri says:

    More more!! The house looks amazing but the beach looks like it’s to die for. Spend lots of time on the beach, it’s the best place ever!! 🙂

  4. Donald says:


  5. I can really relate to your diary as I also had similar experiences when I went through Scotia Personnel to Italy. I wish I had thought of this first as it truly shows off how amazing your trip was and all the great things you can be involved in when working and travelling abroad!

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