Week 1

The Village Hostel

After leaving Charles de Gaulle airport, we took a taxi to The Village Hostel on “ la butte Montmartre”. At our arrival, the desk clerk gave us our room cards and a map of Montmartre attractions. We highly recommend ”le village hostel”! It is situated in the old streets of Paris, where you can find all the little shops and restaurants. Very well located for tourists! The ”Basilique du sacré coeur” is a couple of steps away.

” Welcome to The Village Hostel in Montmartre, Paris, where old charm has a hip fresh attitude. The Village Hostel offers its guests the facilities and comfort of a hotel at budget               prices. Located in the heart of Montmartre, one of the most popular areas of Paris, the Village Hostel is a friendly backpacker hostel that has a selection of dorms and private rooms of different sizes to suit your needs.

Surrounded by the decor of The Village Hostel, you will still feel Montmartre’s past artistic glory. The reception hall, with its exposed wood beams from the 19th century, its book corner and superb impressionist-style fresco by American artist Mary Blake will conjure up this atmosphere for you.

At prices recognized as some of the most competitive in Paris, The Village Hostel offers its guests all one could want from a hostel and more.”-Village Hostel

Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge was not what we expected at all. It is very expensive to get in, but it was worth it, and we had loads of fun. Don’t worry ladies, the show isn’t just about pretty women shaking their tail feathers, there are some good-looking men thrown in there. There are comedians, and sketches too! Depending on how much you paid for your table, you can have champagne (like we did hehe)! All in all, it was a five-star night! There are tickets for kids too…but we don’t recommend bringing them…

“Moulin Rouge is a cabaret in Paris. It is best known as the spiritual birthplace of the modern form of the can-can dance. Originally introduced as a seductive dance by the courtesans who operated from the site, the can-can dance revue evolved into a form of entertainment of its own and led to the introduction of cabarets across Europe. Today, the Moulin Rouge is a tourist attraction, offering musical dance entertainment for visitors from around the world. The club’s decor still contains much of the romance of fin de siècle France.” -Wikipedia

The travel ornament

Ricky and I find that the best souvenirs we can bring back home is a Christmas ornament. Every Christmas, we are reminded of where we traveled, and it gets us talking about all the memories we lived together. It will also create great memories when we start our own family!

Eiffel Tower

Ricky and I have been together for 5 years. Before leaving for Europe, Ricky went to the jewelry store, and bought a ring. He wanted to propose on our trip. He didn’t know how or when he was going to pop the question. He just kept the ring safely in his pocket until he felt like it was the right time to kneel down on one knee. I was a little skeptic when we were back home, because of everybody asking me if I thought he was going to propose. With a little jet lag and stress about meeting our host families, I forgot all about the possibility of this happening. Of course, the perfect place to propose is in front of the Eiffel Tower, and that’s what Ricky did. During our trip we took a couple of small videos to put in our slideshow. So by asking someone to film us waving hello in front of the Eiffel Tower, we got the perfect shot. I swear I had no clue. You can see it in our part 2 video!

The Louvre

If you know what is the Louvre because you are an artist, and you love history or you just saw the movie The DaVinci Code, this museum is a must see! The architecture of the building is beautiful, and if you are lucky, you might get to see The Mona Lisa.

Attractions and the Metro system

There is much to see in Paris, but every attraction is a good distance apart. We used the metro and taxi. The metro system is cheap (2 one way tickets : 3,40 euros) , and can take you around Paris in no time.


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Welcome to Alginet






Alginet is a Valencian Community. We thought we could learn some Spanish while we were living there, but the people from Valencia mostly speak Valencian.

“The two official languages spoken in the city are Spanish and Valencian, a dialect of Catalan. Due to political and demographic pressure in the past, the predominant language is Spanish, as opposed to areas surrounding the metropolitan area in the province of Valencia. The local government makes sure it emphasizes the use of the local language. For instance, all signs and announcements in the Metro are in Valencian, with Spanish translations underneath in smaller type. In relation to street naming policy, new street signs when erected are always given the Valencian name for street (Carrer) however the older street names bearing the Spanish names are only replaced when necessary. This results in a situation where in longer streets both languages can often be seen on street signs.

This is a handicap for tourists: Valencian is used for toponyms and place names such as streets and squares and they may appear either with their Castilian name or the Valencian (or both). So tourists might get lost or they mightn’t find a place.

These are some common differences between Castilian and Valencian:

Square – Plaza – Plaça
Street – Calle – Carrer
Avenue – Avenida – Avinguda
Market – Mercado – Mercat
City – Ciudad – Ciutat
City Hall – Ayuntamiento – Ajuntament
Embassy – Embajada – Ambaixada
Consulate – Consulado – Consulat
Police Station – Comisaría de policía – Comissaria de policia
Chemist’s, drugstore – Farmacia – Farmàcia
Shop, store – Tienda – tenda
Go shopping – Ir de compras – Anar de compres
Bakery – Horno, pastelería – Forn, pastisseria
Fishmonger – Pescadería – Peixcateria
Delicatessen – Ultramarinos, charcutería – ultramarins, xarcuteria
Hairdresser’s – Peluquería – Perruqueria
Bookstore – Librería – Llibreria
Library – Biblioteca – Biblioteca
Ice-cream parlor – Heladería, horchatería – Gelateria, Orxateria
Restroom, toilet – Servicios, aseo – Servici, servei.
Exit – Salida – Eixida
Warning!, Caution! – Atención!, Peligro! – Atenció!, Perill!
Beach – Playa – Platja (plur. platges)
Bridge – Puente – Pont
River – Río – Riu
Palace – Palacio – Palau
Castle – Castillo – Castell
Fireworks – (Castillo de) fuegos artificiales – (Castell de) focs artificials
Parade – Procesión, pasacalle – Provessó, processó, passacarrer
Good morning – Buenos días – Bon dia
Good Afternoon/Evening – Buenas tardes – Bona Vesprada (vesprà)
Good Evening/Night – Buenas Noches – Bona Nit
Thank you – Gracias – Gràcies
Bye – Adiós – Adéu

As you can check, the important differences appear in some cases, but in toponyms the differences are not significative, so if you don’t find on the map the location name you’re searching for, look up if there’s a similar name (usually where the other should appear), and it surely will be the place you want to go.”-Valencia City Guide



Paco’s Paella

On Sunday, Paco (Xelo’s Father, Xelo was my host) made a Traditional Spanish meal . He said that his Paella is the best! He told us stories about the traditions in Spain,  but the only problem is he speaks valencian  and we speak english. Even if we don’t speak the same language, we always manage to understand each other. He lived in France for seven years, so he speaks a little bit of french.He owns the appartment building in the photo. He teached us that a long time ago, people used to eat with wooden spoons. You have to have a certain technique to get the perfect taste. Everybody sits around the table, and digs in with a spoon. This Paella consist of rice, legumes, snow peas, red peppers, chicken and rabbit. It taste very salty, yum! These people put a lot of salt on everthing.

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12 thoughts on “Week 1

  1. Natacha says:

    COOL!!! hope you are having fun guys. Love you lots!! xxxx

  2. donald says:

    very nice guys .have fun ,be careful .have aglass of wine for matante dianne .donald

  3. matante rose & louis says:

    matante rose & louis very nice pictures hope you guys are having fun good job way to go xoxoxo

  4. Shaunna & Michel says:

    ahh….I am so happy for you two enjoy your travels, hope to hear from you guys soon.
    love from Shaunna & Michel xox

  5. donald says:


  6. Kim says:

    NICEE !!! awesome pictures…keep posting so we can follow your journey 🙂

  7. matante rose & louis says:

    good job with the pictures we like it keep it coming lock like you guys like it there.have fun and stay safe love you xoxoxo

  8. Mam, Dad & little sister says:

    Pictures are amazing, the food looks very good and to have the opportunity to share cultures is totally cool. Keep having fun, say hi to your families for us canadians eh!
    Love you, stay safe, mom & dad

  9. Keri says:

    So cool!! I am envious of you both and look forward to all your stories and pictures 🙂

    I LOVE how you had a glass of wine for Patante and Sylvie haha

  10. Jessica says:

    Trop cool comme site!! 🙂 Belle photo pour votre premiere semaine!! 🙂 On vous manque par ici mes amis…mais en même temps on est content pour vous d’avoir la chance de vivre cette belle expérience!!! XOX

  11. I was scrolling online when I came across these amazing pictures! I noticed you went to Spain and I would love to go there! I did a program through Scotia Personnel that sent me on a working holiday to Italy and it was incredible. I really enjoyed your historical diary such a neat idea I wish I had done one for my experiences of going to Europe!

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