Working Holiday


If you are reading this, you’ve been probably thinking of an alternative way to travel, that does not include :

  1. Staying at a resort and spending a bunch of money for a short week of pleasure;
  2. Staying at a hotel that will cost you as much, and will show you just a tip of the iceberg of what you could actually see when you travel to a new destination;
  3. Going to the same place every year, because you are familiar with the area and afraid to get lost.

If you are reading this, you might want :

  1. To find yourself by getting lost somewhere beautiful;
  2. Get out of your shell, and experience life in another way of living;
  3. To bring something back home with you that nobody else has, because your experience was unique.

Why not?

Don’t let your fear of what could happen make nothing happen.

People find it scary to travel sometimes when your not with a group. But when you travel alone, or with one other person, you find yourself asking for directions or having a conversation with the couple next to you. You are more open to engage with other people. That’s what makes your trip an adventure!

You want to live moments that will last you a lifetime of memories. So go on and start organizing your trip! It will be worth every second.


We help you

We have been wanting to go to Europe for quite a while, and we’ve finally made the decision to spend our 2013 summer overseas. Nothing can compare to the experience we had staying with a European family. A trip like this has never been done by any of our friends and family, so we had to do a lot of searching.  So we decided to make a blog to help people who want to live an adventure like we did. Here are the steps we took that could help you make your decisions for your working holiday!

What is a working holiday you may ask!

A working holiday is an opportunity for young people to experience life in a foreign country, allowing them to holiday and casually work during their stay.

Get to know us!

Hi, We are a young couple from Canada, Eh! We live in a small town with a lot of family and friends all around us. We speak french and english (I’m sorry if you find that my english spelling is not very good) . My name is Caroline,  I am a Rehabilitation Assistant, and Ricky is a Math Teacher. We love to explore new cultures, food, lifestyles, and meet new people.

We hope this blog will help you if you ever need tips on traveling on a budget! Our goal was to spend less and see more!

Check out our trip on youtube :


(This site’s purpose was to show our family and friends back home, what we were doing on our trip, as we were living it. I am currently working on changing it to be informative for you.)

7 thoughts on “Working Holiday

  1. Natacha says:

    j’ai hâte de voir des photos!!! Nat, Gabriel, Audrey et Lucas. xxx

  2. donald says:

    congratulations just do it

  3. martinjill66 says:

    What a great blog! I went to Europe through Scotia Personnel and loved it! It’s amazing to see others doing the same and I really liked how you shared it in a diary style for others to read! Travelling is a passion of mine and this blog really a display how both of you have a love of travelling!

  4. NEW YORK CITY (2007)-The year was 2006 and I was 20. I had just returned home from the United States after spending the summer in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania—working alongside an international team of young adults—engaging kids in the spirit of camp life. Working abroad opened my mind to many creative and inspiring possibilities—allowing the space to grow away from my family and all that was familiar. Upon returning home I realized I had come down with the travel bug—and Halifax just wasn’t cutting it!
    I called Scotia Personnel, an agency that offers incredible work and travel opportunities abroad. Having just graduated with a diploma in child and youth studies—I was keen to work with children. That’s when I was introduced to the Aupair in America program. The great thing is, once I was accepted into the program, families from across the United States began contacting me—I got to choose which family and state I went to —and before long it was 2007, I was 21, and on my way to experiencing life in New York City.
    Upon arriving in Stanford Connecticut for orientation, the adventure immediately began. We were a group of young women about to embark on a unique cultural experience within the United States of America, most away from home for the first time; we mingled and created memories that are told in stories across the world up to this day.
    Now I could tell you hundreds of stories about being 21 living in New York City; I could show you thousands of pictures, but you really have to create the experience for yourself. What I will tell you is that the friendships made that year, as well as tattoos, have defined me mind, body and spirit. Not fully acknowledging then how special each moment was or how intimately I would treasure that time—I’m left today feeling lucky and grateful for such an amazing experience, opportunity—I learned so much about myself and had so much space to grow personally!
    If you’re into igniting lifelong friendships from around the globe and love to travel and try new things—then this is your ticket. My group of friends that year were from Australia, Germany, South Africa and Canada—and their doors are always open. I highly recommend this program; I literally had the time of my life!

  5. Melanie says:

    My year as an au pair was a dream come true! I am from Canada, and living in the USA is something that I always wanted to do. I was fortunate enough to find a host family in Hawaii…my idea tropical destination. Right from the start, I knew that Au Pair in America was a perfect program for me. I really enjoyed the first few days of training in Connecticut and meeting so many girls from all over the world. Some of them came from countries that I had never heard of before. And of course, visiting New York City was something that I will never forget. For me, the program was so enjoyable because of everything that it included. The fact that I didn’t have to pay for rent, food or a car was great. I took care of 4 teenagers which was an eye opening experience. They kept me very busy but I learned how to cook and run a household…skills that have come in handy now that I am a mother. I made so many good friends and have been able to keep in touch with them throughout the years! The other au pairs always included me and invited me to special outings and events. This is something that was very important to me as the previous year, I had taught English in Japan and I felt very isolated and lonely and did not have a very big social circle. The fact that I also had a community counsellor available to talk to if problems arose and someone who planned monthly activities was one of the reasons I enjoyed this experience so much. During my 12 months on Oahu, I was always on the go and always living life to the fullest. The absolute highlight of my year though was meeting the man of my dreams….who is now my husband! We will be celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary this July 1! He has since become a Canadian citizen, we have started our careers, bought a house, had two beautiful children and we have even traveled back to Hawaii as a family. I can’t say enough good things about this program and I am very grateful that it was available to me in my early twenties. I now want to tell other young Canadians about the opportunities that exist for them in America. I recently read a quote which said “The only thing you should be doing in your twenties is living abroad.” I couldn’t agree more!

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